Docker Compose FTW!

Orchestrate your containers with drupal-compose.


Sometimes setting up environment can take a while even if we're using Docker. Docker has nice tool which helps you manage your multi-container application - docker-compose. docker-compose is a small command-line tool which reads configuration stored in YAML file (docker-compose.yml) and builds your application based on it.


Examples are written using compose version 2. Version 2 files are supported by Compose 1.6.0+ and require a Docker Engine of version 1.10.0+. Get most recent version of Docker Engine and Docker Compose from

Available examples:

In this chapter you'll find a few examples how to start orchestrate your multi-container app with docker-compose.

  1. Simple - MariaDB + php:apache
  2. Volumes - Data persistency
  3. Drush - run drush container on demand
  4. Networks - link containers with networks

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